Buying a new model home? Find out when your warranty begins.

- 051, which it said “specifically focuses on the extent to which a structure has been built as the measuring stick for whether the owner may use or occupy the structure for its intended purpose, not the owner’s legal right to use or occupy that structure for its intended purpose. . The Minnesota Court of Appeals disagreed with the homeowner and relied upon the plain language of the Minnesota law at issue, Minn. ” The court determined that the model home was substantially complete no later than November 15, 1995 when the homeowner agreed to buy the home and dismissed the homeowner’s claim because he did not discover the problem within ten years of completion of the work. § 541. Stat ..More

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DIY urinal installation, my tale of woe

-  There’s a rough-in for a bathroom, which consists of drains and vents for a toilet, sink, and shower or bathtub. . I moved into my home in Maple Grove about four years ago.  Pretty standard stuff for any newer home with an unfinished basement.  I’ll get around to finishing it someday, maybe, but for now this space serves as my office and exercise area, and I spend a lot of time down here.  It had an unfinished basement when I moved in, and the basement is still unfinished today ..More

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Beware of Cheap AC Tune-Ups

-  He said he wasn’t able to email it, but he let me take a photo of his iPad screen which showed their different service options.  I kid you not.   I was so shocked at this dollar amount that I asked him to email me that quote.  The most expensive ‘solution’ was a 5-year service plan for $4,101. The cost of this “band-aid option” was $617. ..More

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Failed window seals vs. fogged glass

- Interestingly enough though, identifying failed seals on insulated glass is something that is specifically excluded by home inspection standards of practice. Two of those four window panes have badly fogged glass. For a nice description of exactly what causes a broken seal, head on over to the Family Handyman. Just in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the photo above. One of the most common window and door issues that comes up during a home inspection is fogged glass, which is more commonly known as a broken seal. ..More

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Q&A: Why is there a lock on my circuit breaker?

-  A few common places to have locking devices like this are on circuits for dishwashers, electric water heaters, and wall ovens. If someone wants to work on the hardwired dishwasher and not have to worry about someone in a different part of the home turning the power on, they can turn the power off to the circuit breaker, and then throw a small padlock on the circuit breaker. ..More

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