Using an infrared camera to find an overloaded circuit

- When we do an infrared inspection along with a home inspection, one of the extra things we do is to go around the house and turn on everything that’s built into the home that uses electricity, to help determine if there are any overloaded circuits or overheated connections inside the main panel. .  With an infrared camera, all it takes is a quick scan of the panel to see if there are any hot spots ..More

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Problems with LP SmartSide® installations

- LP SmartSide® requires flashing to have a 4″ upper leg. .  This means the kickout flashing needs to be 4″ high.  This usually isn’t done ..More

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Pre-Listing Inspections: How One Inspection Could Have Saved Over $13,000

- Planning to sell your home? Hire your own home inspector to inspect it before you put it on the market. .  Having your home inspected before it’s listed for sale will greatly reduce the potential for surprises that may crop up in the future ..More

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Q&A: Why is there a lock on my circuit breaker?

- If someone wants to work on the hardwired dishwasher and not have to worry about someone in a different part of the home turning the power on, they can turn the power off to the circuit breaker, and then throw a small padlock on the circuit breaker.  A few common places to have locking devices like this are on circuits for dishwashers, electric water heaters, and wall ovens. ..More

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How to find a great home inspector

- Disclaimers kept to a minimum – Many home inspection reports are filled with CYA verbiage that is focused on explaining away why the home inspector couldn’t see this or why they couldn’t inspect that.  This isn’t helpful to home buyers, and when there’s too much of it, it starts to sound ‘weaselly’.  Nobody wants to read through a list of stuff that wasn’t inspected.  That list belongs in the contract or the Standards Of Practice. ..More

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