How to get the most out of your Truth-In-Sale of Housing evaluation

-  When we don’t put stuff in our reports, I don’t call it being “easier on the house”; I call it negligence, laziness, incompetence, or something like that… but it has nothing to do with being nice.  Us TISH evaluators are given a specific set of things that we’re supposed to evaluate, and we’re told exactly how to report on these things.  It’s unfortunate, because a TISH evaluation is supposed to be very black and white.  Some real estate agents refer business to TISH evaluators who are known to completely ignore problems with houses, because they like their sellers to have clean reports.  They say these evaluators are a little easier on the houses. That’s easy; hire the best TISH evaluator you can find. ..More

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47 Home Inspection Issues in Under 3 Minutes, Explained

-  Get a Surveymaster. . Side note: this is a great moisture meter but it only has a scan mode, and it’s too big and boxy to carry around in a tool belt.  For those reasons, I don’t recommend this tool to home inspectors ..More

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Life expectancy of cedar roofs in Minnesota

- Cedar shingles have an average thickness of 5/16”. Tapersawn shakes, which range in thickness from between 1/2”-3/4”, are becoming more and more common but still represent a very small segment of the market. For more details on this topic, click the following link for a comparison of cedar roofs in Minneapolis. . Approximately 90% of the cedar roofs in the Twin Cities are hand-split cedar shakes and 10% are cedar shingles. For the sake of simplicity, I’ve included taper sawn shakes under the shingle category because they are essentially just a cedar shingle on steroids (longer and thicker). The difference between medium and heavy hand-split shakes is the thickness on the butt edge, with mediums averaging 1/2”-3/4” and heavies averaging 3/4”-1” ..More

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Q&A: What’s the difference between home inspection organizations?

- (NAHI) was established in 1987 as a nonprofit association to promote and develop certified and licensed home inspectors in the professional home inspection industry. . NAHI was founded in 1987. ”.  To quote from their website: “The National Association of Home Inspectors, Inc ..More

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Using an infrared camera to find an overloaded circuit

-  The images below show a couple of nice examples of this. . In some cases, however, we find wires or circuit breakers that are so hot that we don’t even bother testing the amperage; we just say it’s overheated, it’s a fire hazard, get it fixed.  That generally applies to circuit breakers or wires over 140° Fahrenheit ..More

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