Exposed light bulbs in closets

- While at one time it was acceptable to have these lights in closets as long as the bulb was at least 18″ away from the closet shelf, exposed incandescent lights are no longer allowed in closets, period.  Here’s what the 2014 National Electric Code (NEC) says about closet lights:. ..More

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When HRVs suck on both sides, it’s a safety hazard

-  You know, carbon monoxide and all that. This is a bad, unsafe thing.  Since finding this last year, I’ve found the same condition at several more houses.  Any time the furnace is running without the HRV running, the HRV will be pulling hazardous exhaust gas from the furnace into the home.    I’ll explain how this happens. .  Bad stuff ..More

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Two closet makeover tips

-  I won’t get into all that, but if you’re interested in those requirements, google up NEC 410. Electrical safety standards will somewhat limit the available options for closet lighting.  While the old standard was to not have any bare light bulbs within 18″ of a shelf, today’s standard for closet lighting safety has a big list of requirements. . 16 ..More

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DIY urinal installation, my tale of woe

-   You shouldn’t have to use a bunch of fittings to get the PEX tubing to go where you want it to go. Whenever I see PEX tubing installed, I’m a little annoyed at the number of fittings that are used.   Every one of those fittings restricts water flow, and part of the really cool thing about PEX tubing is that it’s flexible. ..More

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Beware of Cheap AC Tune-Ups

-  The most expensive ‘solution’ was a 5-year service plan for $4,101.  I kid you not. . The cost of this “band-aid option” was $617.   I was so shocked at this dollar amount that I asked him to email me that quote.  He said he wasn’t able to email it, but he let me take a photo of his iPad screen which showed their different service options ..More

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