Q&A: Why is there a lock on my circuit breaker?

-  A few common places to have locking devices like this are on circuits for dishwashers, electric water heaters, and wall ovens. . If someone wants to work on the hardwired dishwasher and not have to worry about someone in a different part of the home turning the power on, they can turn the power off to the circuit breaker, and then throw a small padlock on the circuit breaker ..More

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How to get the most out of your Truth-In-Sale of Housing evaluation

-  If the seller follows my advice and gets the most out of their TISH evaluation, it’ll be a worthwhile service that the seller is happy about.  If a home seller treats a TISH evaluation as a necessary evil and a hurdle to selling their home, they’ll probably spend way too much time shopping around for the cheapest inspector in town, and the service they get will be reflective of that. You’ll get out of a TISH what you put into it. ..More

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Protimeter Surveymaster: The Best Moisture Meter for Home Inspectors

-  My only complaint is that this design was re-done a couple of years ago, giving the head a big bulb, making it much more difficult to slip into a tool pouch.  The Mini doesn’t come with a scan mode.  Here’s the new shape:. The only other moisture meter with a great shape is the Protimeter Mini, which I’ve also marked above, and happens to be made by GE. ..More

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New Radon Rules for Minnesota

-  Those rules were replaced on 2/17/2015 with four code sections that are available online:.  If you’re interested in viewing the old requirements, here’s a pdf showing the old requirements for radon systems in Minnesota, which was effective 6/17/2009 to 2/16/2015. Back in June of 2009, Minnesota adopted Appendix F of the 2006 IRC, which was the section that specified how to construct a radon-resistant house. ..More

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Q&A: “Why does water leak through the bottom of my chimney?”

-  Here’s another chimney with a different shape, but it’s the exact same setup.  Can you see where water gets in?  There are actually two places.  I marked up this photo to show where water will get in. The photo above shows a typical chimney setup. ..More

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