CSST Bonding Update

-   The manufacturers of CSST have changed their installation requirements because they’ve learned that the old methods weren’t good enough. If CSST was installed to code in 2005 and the manufacturer didn’t have any special requirements for bonding at the time it was installed, the installation still meets code today. There is an unacceptable risk of fire from a nearby lightning strike with older systems.   That won’t stop me from recommending this important safety upgrade, however. . I’ll still recommend having the system bonded to today’s standards ..More

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Two closet makeover tips

- 16. Electrical safety standards will somewhat limit the available options for closet lighting.  While the old standard was to not have any bare light bulbs within 18″ of a shelf, today’s standard for closet lighting safety has a big list of requirements. .  I won’t get into all that, but if you’re interested in those requirements, google up NEC 410 ..More

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New building code rules for decks in Minnesota

- Just in case their diagram doesn’t make it clear, here are a couple of photos of my own, showing what not to do:. ..More

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Life expectancy of cedar roofs in Minnesota

- Variables such as the tree coverage, the amount of sun that hits the roof and the quality of the labor and materials used for the install all factor significantly into how long a cedar roof will last. I will describe the cedar roof restoration process and the parameters for defining what roofs are good candidates in an upcoming blog. Probably the most important variable, however, is the maintenance history of the roof. If it has been maintained through occasional repairs, cleaning and wood preservation, the lifespan can be increased significantly. The process of cedar roof maintenance, or restoration, can range from a very good investment to a total waste of money, depending on the condition of the roof being considered and the quality and integrity of the company employed to do that work.  Cedar shingles will last 18-22 years, medium hand-split roofs will last 19-24 years, heavy hand-split roofs will last 25-30 years. Put simply, many roofs are not worth taking care of in any way while others can benefit greatly from some TLC. Based on my experience, here are what Minnesota homeowners can expect relative to the longevity of the cedar roofs on their homes, assuming there is no history of maintenance. ..More

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Shoe storage solution: a wall of shoes

-  Check it out:. I think that’s a nice idea if you only have three or four pairs of shoes, but I need room to store a whole lot more, so I made a shoe storage wall instead. ..More

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