How to get the most out of your Truth-In-Sale of Housing evaluation

- .  For TISH evaluations, we don’t walk roofs or even lean our ladders against the eaves, we don’t open electric panels, we don’t perform any type testing on furnaces, we don’t use moisture meters, we don’t enter crawl spaces… and the list goes on.  As it says right on every TISH evaluation, “This is not a Buyer’s Inspection!”. When I say this is a condensed home inspection, I mean it’s an extremely basic, abbreviated, and cursory inspection ..More

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Buying a new model home? Find out when your warranty begins.

- . Stat. This 10 year period begins to run “when construction is sufficiently completed so that the owner or the owner’s representative can occupy or use the improvement for the intended purpose. § 541.  This date is called the date of substantial completion. 051. ” Minn. Most people believe the date listed on their home’s certificate of occupancy is the date of substantial completion. However, as one Twin Cities’ homeowner found out, the date listed on his home’s certificate of occupancy was not the date when the work was completed and, more importantly, not the date on which the 10 year period began to run ..More

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Q&A: “Why does water leak through the bottom of my chimney?”

- .  Here’s another chimney with a different shape, but it’s the exact same setup. The photo above shows a typical chimney setup.  I marked up this photo to show where water will get in.  Can you see where water gets in?  There are actually two places ..More

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Two closet makeover tips

- .  The light turns on when you need light, it turns back off on it’s own, and the motion sensor can be hidden inside the closet. The best way to switch a closet light is with a motion sensor.  This not only hides it from view, but prevents the closet light from turning on when you don’t want it to.  Motion sensors cost about $20.  I’ve done this at several closets, and it has worked out quite well.  I’m generally not a fan of motion sensor light switches, but a bedroom closet is a perfect location for this ..More

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Troubleshooting Furnaces: A Short Video Primer

- .  I cover the most basic things to check, and I discuss some common error codes that furnaces may give. I was going to write a blog post describing some of these troubleshooting steps for furnaces, but I decided that a video might be a little easier to follow along with.  For detailed troubleshooting and repair steps for furnaces, check out.  This is the best web site I’ve found that deals with furnace troubleshooting and repairs.  This video is by no means a complete troubleshooting guide to furnaces, but it’s a nice introduction to furnace troubleshooting ..More

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