Failed window seals vs. fogged glass

- There is oftentimes just no way to know. This will keep the glass looking just fine, at least for a while. When a seal initially fails, nothing dramatic happens, and there is no visible evidence of a failed seal. . When an insulated glass seal fails, there are three things you might see when looking through the glass: nothing different at all, condensation, or dirty / hazy glass. A desiccant around the perimeter of the glass unit will help to prevent moisture in the air from filling the space between the two pieces of glass. This is why home inspection standards of practice exclude the identification of failed seals ..More

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Beware of Cheap AC Tune-Ups

-  Click this link for info on why furnaces shouldn’t be oversized.  My existing furnace is an 80% efficient 80,000 btu furnace, and he recommended a larger 95% efficient furnace. . The tech went over prices for new air conditioners as well as furnaces with me.  If you know anything about sizing furnaces, you know that this makes no sense at all ..More

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Protimeter Surveymaster: The Best Moisture Meter for Home Inspectors

- I’ve never used a moisture meter as hard as I’ve used my Surveymaster, so I can’t say how it compares to other moisture meters, but I’d call this thing a tank.  Sometimes the metal pins get bent, but they’re easy to replace. .  It comes with a protective cap for the pins, but I lost that a very long time ago, and it seems that lots of people lose theirs.  No big deal, as far as I’m concerned.  Every inspector in my company has one, and we’ve yet to have a single moisture meter go bad ..More

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New Radon Rules for Minnesota

- These rules have always been followed by good radon mitigation companies, but now they’re official. .  There’s three of them ..More

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Exposed light bulbs in closets

- On the other hand, there is nothing unsafe about installing this product in place of an existing incandescent bulb. .  With a 50,000 hour life, by the time this thing needs replacement, incandescent light bulbs will be a thing of the past ..More

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